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  • Personalized Behavior Chart

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    An excellent way to keep your kids on their best behavior at home.

    Personalize this chart with your child's name and then customize with 7 behaviors and/or tasks for the whole week! Simply add a little chart sticker or draw a smile or star to acknowledge their good work. Make sure to let your child know how many stickers need to be earned in order to receive something special at the end of the week for their awesome behavior!

    If you would prefer the tasks/behaviors to be blank lines, just specify "blank" in the boxes for each task!

    Ideas for tasks/behavior:

    • Meal-times (including clean-up!)
    • Ready for the day
    • Ready for bed
    • Homework
    • Trash
    • Indoor chores
    • Show Respect
    • Say Please and Thank You
    • Share
    • Set the Table
    • Empty the Dishwasher
    • Laundry
    • Clean Room/Toys

    The list is endless!

    *Please allow 24-48 hours for the personalized file to be sent to the email address entered during check-out!*